Duck families


This study is of people with a Duck surname, including variations, spouses and children with a Duck mother or step mother, limited to those who descend from families in the County of Somerset, England.

The contents are a work in progress and all details are under constant revision. Some of the detail is based on assumptions and much of the early family detail is speculative. Years shown are the date of the event or the year the event was recorded. All contributions of information gratefully accepted. Please contact the author for further information.

Duck family trees & branches.

The detail in these Family Lists has been collated from records of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Burials and from other publicly accessible records and from private sources.

* Cornelius Duck who married Mary Hodar on 16 Apr 1781 at Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.
* William Duck, a great grandson, who married Elizabeth Gunner on 15 Mar 1855 at Kingsbury Episcopi.
* Jesse Duck who married Mary Taylor on 25 Jun 1785 at Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.
* Susannah Duck, mother of Thomas Duck baptised in 1789 at Kingsbury Episcopi.
* James Duck who married Sarah Gummer on 23 Feb 1786 at South Petherton, Somerset.

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