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These Eldridge Migration tables list in date order some of the known migration by families and individuals, including females with an Eldridge maiden surname to various Countries. People with links are shown in the linked family list. This list is work in progress and all details are under constant revision.


Ship  Arrival Date   State  Details
Indispensible30 Apr 1796NSW Sarah Eldridge born c1767. She was indicted for stealing on 15 Oct and was shown as aged 26 when sentenced at the Old Baily in Dec 1793 to death. She later received his Majesty's mercy in Apr 1794 on condition of transportation for her natural life to the Eastern coast of New South Wales. She married at St Philips Sydney on 28 May 1797 to Stephen Shore. He was tried in 1797 at Hertford, sentenced to 7 years and transported in the 3rd fleet on the Matilda arriving on 1 Aug 1791 from Portsmouth. He died at Parramatta and was buried on 22 Apr 1826 aged 86. Sarah was at Parramatta aged 58 on the 1828 census and she died at Parramatta on 22 May 1841 and was buried on 24 May aged 68.
Duke of Portland26 Jul 1807NSW James Eldridge born Battle, Sussex, convicted at Horsham on 24 Mar 1806 to life.
Earl Spencer9 Oct 1813NSW Henry Eldridge born c1791, convict, sentenced Kent 1812 to life. At Parramatta employed by J. McManus in 1822.
Admiral Gambier1814NSW Joseph Eldridge born c1758, harness maker. He died in 1836 aged 78.
Atlas III22 Jul 1816NSW Charles Henry Eldridge born c1792, convict, sentenced Middlesex 31 Oct 1814 to 7 years. At Newcastle in 1822. Certificate of Freedom 40/3880 of 13 Jun 1825 and 35/0616 of 1 Jun 1835.
Lady Castlereagh11 Jun 1818TAS John Eldridge born c1797, convict, sentenced aged 20 at the Old Bailey, London on 2 Jul 1817 to 7 years. He was indicted for stealing one pair of trowsers, value 11 shillings.
Caroline27 Nov 1820TAS George Wray Eldridge born Tonbridge Kent.
Richmond30 Apr 1822TAS William Eldridge, convict, sentenced in Kent on 19 Mar 1821 to life.
Norfolk18 Aug 1825NSW Daniel Eldridge of Lambeth, convict, sentenced Newington 19 Jul 1824 to 7 years.
Asia I13 Mar 1828NSW William Eldridge, convict, sentenced London 15 Sep 1825 to 14 years. Certificate of Freedom 40/2016 dated 9 Dec 1840.
Eliza29 May 1831TAS Henry Eldridge, convict, sentenced in Gloucester on 4 Jan 1831 to 7 years. Assigned to the Van Diemen's Land Company he received a ticket of leave in 1835 and a free pardon on 3 Feb 1836.
Eleanor26 Jun 1831NSW Henry Eldridge, convict, sentenced Winchester 18 Dec 1830 to life.
Asia I27 Jun 1833NSW Jeremiah Eldridge born Kent, convict, sentenced Kent 30 Jul 1832 to life.
Henry Porcher1 Jan 1835NSW Henry Eldridge born c1814, convict, sentenced Kent 11 Apr 1834 to 7 years. Ticket of Leave 39/625 and Certificate of Freedom 44/1592 dated 4 Nov 1844.
Sarah14 Feb 1835TAS George Henry Eldridge with his parents and siblings.
John II7 Feb 1837NSW Joseph Eldridge born c1816, convict, sentenced Central Criminal Court 1836 to 7 years. Ticket of Leave 41/835 and Certificate of Freedom 43/2084 dated 2 Dec 1843. Joseph died at Orange NSW on 9 Nov 1876 and was shown as aged 63 born Kent.
Norfolk12 Feb 1837NSW Thomas Eldridge, convict, sentenced Central Criminal Court 4 Apr 1836 to 7 years.
Charles Kerr9 Oct 1837NSW Henry Eldridge born c1818, son of Henry Eldridge, convict, sentenced Central Criminal Court 12 Dec 1836 to 14 years.
Andromache31 Oct 1837NSW Jane Larkin nee Eldridge born Ewhurst, Sussex with husband Edward Nicholas Larkin and son Edward
Augusta Jessie11 Oct 1837NSW Ann Maria Whiteman nee Eldridge born Icklesham, Sussex with husband Stephen and 5 children.
Henry Porcher1 Jul 1838SA William Eldridge born Easebourne, Sussex with wife Frances and children
Amelia ThompsonJul 1838NSW Siblings John, Moses, Miriam, Harriet, Barbara, Frances and Jesse Eldridge all of Sussex, with their mother Elizabeth Crouch, formally Eldridge, nee Sargent.
Alfred16 Jan 1839NSW Ambrose Eldridge born Greater Milton, near Oxford possibly with his sister Isabella Martha Eldridge
Morayshire20 Apr 1839NSW John Eldridge born St Nicholas, Kent with wife Susanna Elgar and children.
Parkfield1 Sep 1839NSW Thomas Eldridge born c1816, convict, sentenced 3 Jan 1839 Kent to 10 years. Shown as age 23 on arrival and as age 30 with a ticket of leave when he obtained permission to marry Frances Emily Willis in 1846 at Prospect NSW. No evidence of any marriage is known.
Florist26 Oct 1839NSW Mary Whatman nee Eldridge born Brede, Sussex with husband Henry and 4 children. Their son Henry was born on the voyage.
Charles Kerr17 Jun 1840SA John Eldridge with wife Frances and 4 children.
Mandarin30 Jun 1840TAS Edward Eldridge, convict, sentenced in Warwick on 26 Dec 1839 to 15 years. He may be the Edward Eldridge who died at Launceston TAS on 1 Aug 1860 aged 49.
 bef Oct 1840SA Thomas Eldridge born Battle, Sussex.
 before 1841VIC Henry Eldridge born Norfolk.
 before 1841NSW George Eldridge.
Lord Lyndoch5 Feb 1841TAS William Eldridge, born circa 1823, convict, sentenced Central Criminal Court to 7 years on 3 Feb 1840. Moved to VIC in 1853 and convicted 10 Feb 1853 at Castlemaine and sentenced to 12 years.
Bussorah Merchant5 Apr 1841NSW Elizabeth Eldridge baptised 14 Sep 1823 at Battle but shown as aged 23 on 28 Jul 1841 on migration.
Burhampooter10 Aug 1841NSW James Eldridge born Battle, Sussex with wife Philadelphia and 3 children.
Fairlie1841NSW Ann Bateup nee Eldridge of Udimore, Sussex with husband Esau and 2 children, who died on the voyage.
William Turner5 Oct 1841NSW George Eldridge of Ewhurst, Sussex with wife Maria and 2 children
Tortoise19 Feb 1842TAS Thomas Eldridge, convict, sentenced in Surrey on 29 Mar 1841 to 10 years.
Adelaide8 Nov 1842TAS Jane Upton nee Eldridge born London with husband William.
Forfarshire12 Oct 1843TAS Richard Eldridge, age 25, convicted Central Criminal Court on 13 Jun 1842 and sentenced to 10 years. He may be the Richard Eldridge who died at Hobart TAS on 8 Jan 1866 aged 43.
Woodbridge25 Dec 1843TAS Louisa Eldridge, age 17, convicted Central Criminal Court on 22 Jun 1843 for cutting and wounding with intent to do grevious bodily harm and sentenced to 15 years transportation. She married aged 20 at Launceston on 20 Apr 1847 to William Murray.
Tasmania20 Dec 1844TAS Mary Eldridge, convicted in Southampton on 11 Apr 1844 for stealing linen from the County Hospital and sentenced to 10 years transportation.
Pestongee Bomangee17 Feb 1847TAS John Eldridge,a sailor aged 25, convicted and sentenced at Devizes, Wiltshire on 21 Jul 1846 to 10 years transportation for threatening to shoot a woman, in order to extort money from her.
Timbo22 Jan 1848TAS William Burrows Eldridge pleaded guilty on 24 Nov 1847 in the Supreme Court in South Australia and was sentenced on 26 Nov 1847 to transportation for 10 years.
Bolton15 Apr 1848SA William Justaston Eldridge born Beaver Harbour, Canada.
General Hewett13 Nov 1848NSW Joseph (Charles) Eldridge born Chenies, Buckinghamshire and his married sister Anne Christina and her family.
Saxon29 Jun 1849VIC Thomas Eldridge born Downton, Wiltshire.
Mount Stewart Elphinstone31 Oct 1849QLD Robert Eldridge, age 18 born London, England sentenced 10 May 1847 at Central Criminal Court, Middlesex to 7 years and later exiled as a convict.
 about 1852NSW Samuel Eldridge born Dublin, Ireland.
 about 1852NSW George Eldridge born Sandwich, Kent with wife Mary and daughter Mary Caroline.
Northumbria5 Jan 1853VIC George Eldridge born Camberwell, with wife Isabella and 2 children
Eagle13 May 1853VIC Nelson Eldridge born Southbroom, Wiltshire with wife Eliza Jane and 2 children and his brother William Eldridge born Wiltshire.
TudorDec 1854VIC Richard Eldridge born Sussex with wife Sophia and infant child Hannah.
Shand21 Jan 1855VIC Frances Farmer nee Eldridge born Sedlescombe, Sussex with husband James and 2 children.
ConstantFeb 1855VIC William Eldridge born Winchester, Hampshire with wife Mary.
 about 1855VIC Fanny Nicklen nee Eldridge with husband Alfred Nicklen.
Samarang8 Jul 1855VIC Harriet Swalling nee Eldridge born Sedlescombe, Sussex with 8 children.
 before 1856VIC Tilden Eldridge born Greenwich.
 bef. Mar 1856NSW Edward William Eldridge born Dover, England.
WilliamJan 1857VIC Henry Eldridge born Surrey, England.
Glen Isla2 Jul 1857NSW Eliza Hollands nee Eldridge born Whatlington, Sussex with husband Edward and 6 children.
British Trident4 Dec 1857VIC Richard Frederick Eldridge born Hadlow, Kent with wife Caroline.
Maidstone14 Jan 1858VIC Daniel Edward Eldridge born Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales with wife Eliza and his brother George William Eldridge born Stepney, London.
Parsee14 Sep 1859NSW James Eldridge born Ewhurst, Sussex.
 bef. Aug 1861VIC Siblings William, Sarah and Susannah Eldridge all born East Stonehouse, Devonshire.
SwiftsureApr 1862VIC Sophia Eldridge born St Pancras, London, England.
 bef. Oct 1863NSW Leonard Fitzler James Eldridge born London, England.
Severn10 Oct 1863NSW Edward Eldridge born London, England, nephew of Daniel Edward Eldridge.
 bef. Dec 1864VIC Mary Ann Ware nee Eldridge born East Stonehouse, Devonshire with husband David and 9 children.
Royal Dane19 Nov 1870QLD Frances Edwards, nee Eldridge, together with her husband and their five living children.
Storm King3 May 1873QLD Peter Eldridge born Monks Risboro Buckinghamshire with wife Ellen and 4 children.
Alexandrina7 Dec 1873QLD Richard Eldridge born Bayswater, Middlesex, England.
Great Britain1 Jan 1874QLD John Eldridge born Sipson, Middlesex with wife Eliza and children.
 1876TAS William Waters Eldridge of Sussex, England.
Scottish Hero12 Dec 1877QLD Naomi Eldridge born Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England.
Southesk1 Aug 1878QLD Charles Eldridge born Sipson, Middlesex following his brother John who had arrived in 1874.
 about 1878VIC George Moses Eldridge born York, Ireland to be with his brother William and the family of his late brother Nelson.
 about 1879NSW Thomas Brillet Eldridge born London, England with wife Emily and 1 child.
 bef. Dec 1882VIC Richard Eldridge born London, England.
 about 1883NSW Sidney Frank Alfred Eldridge born Islington.
Nagpore26 May 1883QLD Walter Eldridge born Cheriton, Kent.
 bef. Jul 1883QLD John James Eldridge born London, England.
Iberia1883SA Anthony Eldridge born St Leonards, Sussex, England.
 about 1883SA Charles Eldridge born St Leonards, Sussex, England.
Gabo4 Nov 1883NSW James Eldridge and his sister Harriet Eldridge, both born Sedlescombe, Sussex.
Tasmania25 Jan 1886NSW John Chambers Eldridge born Calcutta, Bengal, British India with his mother Caroline Eldridge nee Chambers and a brother.
Hankow10 May 1887NSW Albert Frederic Eldridge born Islington with his younger brother Walter Daniel.
OrientDec 1887VIC Martha Fuller nee Eldridge born Winchester, Hampshire widow with two daughters.
 bef. Mar 1888QLD Walter Eldridge born Tonbridge, Kent son of Joseph and Mary Ann Mannering. He married Rachel Christina Ballard on 10 Mar 1888 at Nundah, District of Caboolture and they had 1 known child. Walter died on 2 Apr 1938.
 about 1888TAS Harriet Seex nee Eldridge born Ashford, Kent with husband Edward and probably their son William Edward and possibly her brother William Eldridge.
 about 1888NSW Charles Eldridge born Portsmouth, England. Died unmarried on 4 Oct 1934 at Lidcombe aged 65 son of George Eldridge and Catherine Knight.
 about 1889VIC William Eldridge born Winchmore Hill, Middlesex with wife Annie Jane and 2 children.
 bef. Jan 1890VIC William Herbert Eldridge born Worthing, Sussex.
 bef. Sep 1891NSW Edward Eldridge born Mortimer Farm, Hampshire with wife Julia Lucy and children.
 bef. Dec 1891NSW Elizabeth Emily Eldridge born Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
MoravianDec 1909VIC Herbert George Eldridge born Peasmarsh, Sussex. His wife Sarah Frances and children later arriving in Jan 1911.
MoreaAug 1910VIC Walter Ricketts Eldridge.
RangatiraJan 1911VIC Mrs Sarah Frances Eldridge nee Eldridge born Hollington, Sussex and children Edward, Frederick, Charles, Alice, Albert and Stephen.
Rangatira1912NSW Mrs Fanny Morris, nee Eldridge born Bicester, Oxfordshire and her five youngest children.
Rippingham Grange14 Mar 1912QLD George Eldridge, born Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire with his wife Annie.
 1912NSW Leslie Stuart Eldridge born London, England.
 1912NSW James Edward Eldridge born Reed, Sussex.
 about 1912NSW George Stephen Eldridge born Hollington, Sussex with wife and child
ThemistoclesOct 1912NSW George Daniel Eldridge born Bexley Heath, Kent.
GothicApr 1912VIC Robert Eldridge born Southgate, London, England with his brother Christopher Hiram Eldridge born Southgate. Their sister Remillion also migrated to VIC.
ArmadaleJun 1912WA Thomas Albert John Eldridge born Islington, London.
MakariniDec 1912VIC William Cecil Eldridge born Southgate, London, England with his mother Emma Eldridge born London, enroute to Tasmania.
 before 1914WA Henry James Eldridge born Cheam Common, Surrey, England.
 before 1915SA Ernest Eldridge born Hartley, Kent, England probably with his mother Annie Eldridge, nee Adams, born in Gibraltar.
 before 1915NSW Roland Eldridge born Southborough, Kent, England.
 bef. Apr 1915NSW Frederick Eldridge born Bexhill, Sussex.
 bef. Jul 1915VIC James William Eldridge born Camberwell, Surrey, England.
 before 1916NSW Alexander Eldridge born Kent, England.
 before 1917NSW Elizabeth Mary Eldridge born Hollington, Sussex.
ThemistoclesAug 1920VIC Fred Leonard Eldridge born London with his wife Ada Gladys Holt.
Ormonde1920QLD Herbert George Eldridge born Newington, Surrey with his wife Rosetta and son Herbert John.
Esperance BayOct 1923VIC Charles Leonard Eldridge born Northiam, Sussex.
 1924WA Harry Angell Eldridge born Marchwood, Hampshire with wife Amy Gladys and 2 children.
 1924WA Harold Christopher Eldridge born England.
Benalla1924VIC William Henry Eldridge born St Giles, London with wife and child.
Themistocles1924NSW Samuel Edward Eldridge, born Brighton, Sussex, England and his wife Kate and their two sons Gresham Samuel and Stanley Edward Eldridge, both born at Guildford, England.
Bendigo9 Jan 1925WA Eliza Maud Flatt, nee Eldridge, born Cheam Common, Surrey, England with her husband and two children.
Benalla1926SA Albert Edward Eldridge with wife Minnie and 4 children.
Berrima1926NSW Edward John Eldridge with wife Elsie Florence and children.
Esperance Bay1927VIC William James Eldridge born London, England.
 1927NSW Ronald Francis Eldridge born Isle of Wight.
 before 1932NSW Annie Eldridge born Kent.
 about 1932VIC George Alfred Eldridge born London, England probably with his wife Sophia.
 before 1941WA Bertram James Eldridge born Roehampton, Surrey, England with wife Theodosia Martha and family.
Largs BayJan 1947NSW Jack Stewart McGregor Eldridge born Cheshire, England.
Marine Phoenix11 Apt 1947NSW Thomas Francis Eldridge born Tilden, Nebraska, USA.
Mooltan24 Sep 1948WA Tilden Theodore Eldridge with his wife Constance Maud and two children.
Dorsetshire17 Jan 1949WA Ernest Charles Eldridge with his wife Eileen and four children.
Orcades1949NSW James Thomas Eldridge born Southall, West London, England with wife Doris and two children.
Austurias1949NSW Kenneth Eldridge born Abingdon, Berkshire with his Australian born wife Joyce and 2 children.
 about 1950VIC Edith Grace Eldridge, nee Palmer, wife of Arthur Graham Eldridge.
New AustraliaDec 1950NSW James Otty Eldridge born Alburgh, Norfolk with wife Rosina and 2 youngest children.
 1952NSW Doris Jean Eldridge born Hastings, Sussex.
Chitral1952VIC Sidney Arthur Eldridge born in the Berkhampstead District, Hertfordshire with wife Joan Rosemary and 3 children.
Chitral1953VIC Leslie Eldridge born Tring, Hertfordshire.
New Australia1954NSW John Henry Eldridge London, England with wife Hilda Margaret and 3 children and his sister Louisa Mary Philpot (nee Eldridge) and her family.
Orion1956VIC Rupert Louis Eldridge with his wife and son.
Strathnaver1957VIC Peter Eldridge born Tonbridge, Kent.
Strathaird1959NSW Denis George Eldridge born Southall, West London, England with wife Kathleen and son Stephen.
Oriana1960NSW Joseph Eldridge born Kent, England with wife Elizabeth Emma and daughter Esther Phyllis.
Willem Ruys1960NSW Frank Edward Eldridge with his wife and 3 children.
Oronsay1960WA Herbert William Eldridge with his wife Gladys Catherine.
Orion1962SA Ernest John Eldridge with his wife Dorothy Kathleen.
 1963SA Robert Sidney Eldridge.
Orcades1964SA Ernest John Henry Eldridge with his wife Edith Nellie.
[by aircraft]8 Dec 1964  Gilbert Alfred Eldridge and his family.
Fairsea1963WA Michael William Eldridge with his wife Margaret.
[by aircraft]Jul 1966  Patricia Rolfe, nee Eldridge and her family.
Ellinis1966SA Stanley Victor Eldridge born Sussex with his wife and 5 children.
 1966QLD Janet Eldridge born Hampstead London to Australia, probably QLD.
[by aircraft]May 1969  Roderic Francis Eldridge.
 before 1972NSW Doreen Jessie Ellen Knowles, nee Eldridge born Dunfermline, Scotland with her 5 children.


Ship  Arrival Date   State  Details
 abt 1856ONT John Eldridge born Deptford, Kent with his family.
 abt 1872ONT Charles Eldridge born Downton, Wiltshire.
Polynesian13 May 1877ONT Edwin John Eldridge born Battle, Sussex with his wife Elizabeth and 7 children.
Polynesian1884QUE Francis George and Arthur George Eldridge both born India and late of England.
Sardinian 1887ONT Henry Eldridge born Sevenhampton, Wiltshire with his wife Annie and brother William.
Californian23 Apr 1898QUE Edward Newman Eldridge born Sidcup, Kent. His parents Edward and Agnes and surviving sisters followed later in 1898.
Parisian30 Oct 1898QUE Edward Eldridge born Bermondsey, London with his wife Agnes Mary and surviving daughters.
Scotsman6 May 1899ONT Edith Annie Dorothea Eldridge born Swinden, Wiltshire.
Southwark31 Jul 1904ONT Gilbert Price Eldridge born Lechlade, Gloucestershire.
Lake Manitoba2 Sep 1904QUE Joseph Eldridge born Selling, Kent with his wife Hannah and four children.
Lake Erie11 Mar 1906NB Samuel George W Eldridge born Islington, London with wife Clara and four children.
Southwark2 Apr 1906  Ernest Walter Eldridge born London destined for Hamilton, ONT.
Parisian30 Apr 1906  George Mark Eldridge born Canterbury, Kent.
Lake Erie13 Jul 1907QUE John Albert Eldridge born St Leonards On Sea, Sussex with his wife Rachel Lucy.
Lake Manitoba8 Apr 1908NB Frederick Eldridge born Richmond, Surrey with his wife Rose and the last nine of his ten children.
Canada26 Mar 1909  Douglas Frederick Eldridge born London destined for Hamilton, ONT.
Virginian23 Sep 1910ONT Frederick James Eldridge born Lechlade, Gloucestershire.
Lake Manitoba19 Jun 1911QUE Amherst Eldridge born Amherst, VIC, Australia and his wife Emily born London, England.
Albania5 Aug 1911 QUE Charles Eldridge born Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. His wife Sophia and their seven children followed in 1912.
Empress of Britain23 Dec 1911NB Harold Percival Eldridge born Kingston, Surrey.
Empress of Britain24 May 1912QUE Clara Jane Eldridge, nee Potter and her two daughters Mabel and Edith Eldridge born at St Leonards on Sea in Sussex.
Ascania20 Oct 1912QUE Sophia Mary Eldridge, wife of Charles Eldridge, and their seven children.
Tunisian1913QNT Charles Ernest Eldridge.
Scotian1913QNT Maria Eldridge, wife of Charles Ernest Eldridge with their daughters Amy and Violet.
Megantic4 May 1914QUE Adelaide Hazel Ann Eldridge.
 1924ONT Gertrude Daisy Eldridge.
Scandinavian27 Mar 1921ONT Thomas Wilfred Eldridge born Mearle Common, Kent and his younger brother Wallace George Eldridge born Plymouth Devon.
Andania1924 James Edgar Eldridge born Chelsea, London with his wife Edith and four children.
Montrose1924ONT Thomas Samuel Eldridge born Bootle, Lancashire with his wife Margaret Jane.
Laconia18 Apr 1925NS Herbert Eldridge born Somerby, Lincolnshire with his wife Alice and six children.
Empress of Scotland4 Oct 1925QUE Lizzie Agnes Eldridge (nee Arles) with her daughter Trixie Kathleen Eldridge.
Ascania15 May 1927QUE Harry Eldridge with his wife Catherine, their children Florence and Albert and daughter-in-law Elizabeth and granddaughter Roma Eldridge.
Megantic16 Apr 1929NS Albert William Eldridge with his wife Victoria Beatrice and their three children Albert B, Reginald W and Bernard R Eldridge.

New Zealand

Ship  Arrival Date  Details
Westminster9 Jan 1858 James Eldridge born Cheriton, Kent, England.

South Africa

Ship  Arrival Date  Details
Warwick Castle7 Sep 1952 John Vivian Eldridge born England with his wife Thelma Merle and two children.

United States of America

Ship  Arrival Date   State  Details
Bremen Packet1828MI Edward Eldridge born Sedlescombe, Sussex with his wife Mary and eight children.
 3 Sep 1841IN Esther Eldridge born Salehurst, Sussex with her younger brother Edward born Robertsbridge, Sussex and her future husband Thomas Baldcock.
Quebec1 Jun 1843IL Isaac Eldridge born Isle of Wight, Hampshire.
England7 Nov 1866MO John Bufford Eldridge born Guestling, Sussex with his wife and son.
City of New York29 Jun 1871NY Brothers Richard, John and William Eldridge born Orpington, Kent with Richard's wife and son.
 1883OR Jane Bishopp nee Eldridge born Ewhurst, Sussex, England with her husband and son.
Germanic15 Jan 1893NY David William Eldridge born St Leonards, Sussex, England.
 1895NJ Richard Charles Samuel Eldridge born Ararat, Victoria, Australia.
Oceanic12 Oct 1904NY Charles Frederick Eldridge born St Leonards, Sussex, England.
 1907WA George Albert Eldridge born at Hove, Sussex, England.
Philadelphia14 Sep 1907NY Henry Marshall Eldridge born at Ickham, Kent, England.
Majestic26 Sep 1907NY Lily Eldridge born at Windsor, Berkshire, England.
Adriatic20 Feb 1908NY Herbert Richard born Chislet, Kent and his older sister Margaret Mary Eldridge born at Ditton, Kent, England.
Campania28 Aug 1909NY Harriett Mabel Eldridge born St Leonards, Sussex, England.
Cedric22 May 1910NY Percy Walter Eldridge born at Hove, Sussex, England to join his brother George Albert in Washington.
Oceanic20 Sep 1911NY Christine Mabel Eldridge born Richmond, Surrey, England.
Campania23 Nov 1911NY Albert George Eldridge born St Leonards, Sussex, England.
Campania10 Aug 1912NY Alice Violet Eldridge born St Leonards, Sussex, England.
 before 1920UT Eva May Eldridge born Westfield, Sussex.
 1925LA Dora Constance Eldridge born at Hove, Sussex, England to join her brother George Albert.
 1929NY Dorothy Ethel Maddock, nee Eldridge born Rochester, Kent with her husband Stanley Harold Maddock.

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